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How to wear prints and patterns

Prints and patterns can add a level of interest to your outfit but you have to know what you’re doing in order to avoid them dominating your look. The key is to balance a busy print with a neutral fabric or to wear prints that work with your body shape. If you’re bottom heavy, a printed top and dark pants (which can give the illusion of being slimmer) look fantastic. If you’re top heavy, wear a black top and a beautiful printed skirt. Don’t forget a pair of basic black heels to finish the look. Avoid wearing head to toe pattern unless you’re slim as a rake.

For those tentative to go near patterns, you can flatter your look by adding accessories. A bag, scarf or patterned belt could be all you need to add something new to your outfit.

Shoes with prints and patterns are another good idea. When wearing “busy patterned” shoes, pair them with a basic black dress or jeans and a basic top. This will draw attention to the shoes and balance out the look.

Cool skin tones suit black and white or jewel-tone fabrics – think zebra print, Indian sari colours or Chinese embroidery; whereas warm skin tones look good in earthy coloured patterns and animal or African prints.

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