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Fur and lace

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of winter fashion, you should wear fur or lace – or better still, fur and lace together. Fur is a look that women have been wearing for decades, and now you can get the look and feel of real fur without the guilty conscience. You’ll find a lot of shops are stocking faux fur this season as it’s such a hot item, but you’ll get what you pay for.

Searching for a softer, better-quality garment will mean you get an item that’s less likely to look untidy after just a few wears. You need to take good care of your faux fur – never machine wash it. It’s best to air it or carefully hand wash it with gentle detergent. Make sure you always read the washing instructions as faux fur’s a synthetic material and dry-cleaning could melt the fibres. Lace needs to be treated with the same love and respect as fur.

A lace dress will drop jaws in the evening, but for the office, opt for garments with a lace hem or details.

Hot tips:

  • A collar is the perfect way to add fur to your look without having to spend much money. The beauty of a fur collar is that you can wear it as a trim with all of your coats and jackets

  • Accessories are key to getting this evening look right. opt for striking bold cocktail rings and chandelier earrings

  • If you’re petite, you’re best to go for a cropped fur jacket as full jackets can be very overpowering on small frames. Try to find a style that has a three-quarter length sleeve that will expose your forearm so that you don’t end up looking oversized

  • If you’re someone who finds lace too delicate and you like your clothing to be a bit more durable, opt for a fabric that has a lace print on it. Velvet makes for a perfect winter tunic over fitted tops and leggings

  • Nothing says winter evening glamour like a fur coat. Look for styles with a chunky collar that you can snuggle up around your jaw line. Wear your fur coat over a short to mid-length dress, or if your dress is full-length, opt for a cropped jacket instead

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