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Council organising course on how to wear scarves

It costs $45 to learn how to learn to tie a scarf.

How much would you pay to learn how to wear a scarf correctly?

One English council is running a three-hour course teaching people exactly that in their next season of adult education classes and charging locals $45 to study the art of neck wear.

The adult education class, being run by Northamptonshire County Council, features “learner participation, a DVD and a practical demonstration”, and participants are asked to bring their own scarves along in different shapes and colours.

Students will “discover different ways to tie and wear scarves” and “understand how scarves can make a difference to your outfit and proportions”.

Julie Brookfield, Labour’s shadow cabinet member for children’s services, told Metro UK: “We have brought the matter of what is the use of these courses up at council before.

“I personally would like to see courses put on which offer a greater application to future learning than on how to wear a scarf.

“It is surprising that some of these courses, which can be said to be frivolous, are put on and promoted through the council.”

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