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Amber Peebles reveals her top fashion tips

We chat to the ultra-stylish TV presenter, radio host and Westfield brand ambassador about her top fashion tips
Amber Peebles

As one of the most stylish Kiwis around, Amber Peebles was a natural fit to head up the Westfield Fashion Collective, which brings together 12 of New Zealand’s leading hair, styling and makeup experts to provide a fresh new angle on all things fashion and beauty.

We sat down with Amber to talk fashion do’s and don’ts, her top style rules and what Kiwi women can get out of the Fashion Collective.

What attracted you to the Fashion Collective, and what’s been your favourite part of the job so far?

Amber: It’s a job based around fashion so they had me at hello! The best part has to be working with the talented folk that make up the mighty Westfield Fashion Collective – with that many great stylists around you never stop learning.

What’s your top style tip for busy mums on the go, who might not have a lot of time to spend on curating their wardrobe?

Amber: When you are pushed for time I suggest prioritising style over fashion. Don’t worry too much about keeping up with the latest trend, per se, but do stay fresh with a new season colour in a style you know is easy to throw on.

Whether that’s a soft cotton tee, pullover or a shirt to chuck on top, take a second to update the pieces that you spend most of your time in. When you do find you have a bit more time, that’s when you can try on a new style that is just itching to become your new favourite!

What are three must-have items we need for the autumn season this year?

Amber: A denim button-up shirt, ankle boots and anything brown. This autumn I’m so happy to see the beautiful browns coming through, so I’m keen to take Mother Nature’s lead. She knows what she’s doing.

What can Kiwi women look forward to with the Westfield Fashion Collective? How will it make their shopping and styling experiences easier?

Amber: With new seasons come new styles, so the Fashion Collective is there to help guide you through the new collections and trends. When shopping we need to keep in mind what will compliment our wardrobe at home and the lifestyle we lead. That’s where the Fashion Collective come in, they’re the style gurus ready to help you find flattering fabrics, colours and shapes. Whether you’re alone, with a mother/daughter or a couple of girlfriends. Its a lot of fun!

What are your biggest dos and don’ts for anyone who might be a relative newbie to fashion?

Amber: These days I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram so I’d suggest you do the same by following a few people who have great taste and trying some looks for yourself. I’m all for people playing around with fashion, try on new shapes and discover what suits you – just be sure when walking out your front door that you feel classy and comfortable. I think my biggest fashion turn off is seeing someone in heels so high they can’t relax, so keep your heel height appropriate to the activity and if in doubt go low.

Do you have to spend big to look fashionable? What are your tips for looking chic on a budget?

Amber: I would say save your money for your everyday pieces, splash out on the handbag you wear all week with a nice belt to compliment it. Once you have your classic pieces sorted you can mix and match cheaper items without anyone looking twice.

There are fantastic deals on fresh fashion all the time, you just have to give yourself a bit of time to have a wander. It will be worth it.

What Fashion Festival events can Kiwi women look forward to this year?

Amber: We have The Style Lounge, Shopping Tours, Colour Days and of course The Style Workshops. All the details and times are up on the website so you can see what your local Westfield has planned.

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