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Your perfect haircut

If you want to make sure your next hairstyle flatters your features and is easy to manage at home, there are some handy hints to help you achieve your optimal cut.

Your hair type – the texture of your hair – will have a big impact on the kind of style that will work for you. If you have fine hair, you’re better to add body with above-the-shoulder cuts than to try to wear your hair long. Long layers will give it shape. Mr go for a blunt-cut style to help hair look fuller.

If you have medium hair, you’re lucky because most hairstyles will suit you. Although, if your locks are curly, steer clear of heavy fringes and keep the layers long. If you have thick hair, you need layers to add texture and movement, but avoid too much tapering at the sides or it will end up in a mushroom shape.

Brief your stylist

  • Dowear your usual fashion look to the salon. That way your stylist can see instantly whether you’re a casual jeans and T-shirt person, or whether you’re more funky or formal. Provide some background on your lifestyle – how much time you usually have to get ready, if you have kids, whether you play sport, etc – as all these things can affect the perfect cut for you.

  • Dotake in pictures of styles you love. They might not work with your hair type and texture but it will give your stylist an idea of the direction you want to go in.

  • Doget your stylist to give you a lesson on how to recreate the style yourself at home and some advice on the best products to maintain it.

  • Dorecord a haircut you love. Take digital photos of the front, sides and back (you’ll need some help with this!) and show them to your stylist if you’d like it recreated. oost hairstylists see hundreds of clients, so you can forgive them for not remembering exactly how you like your hair.

Cut for your face shape


Your forehead, jawline and cheekbones are the same width. Styles with height at the top and layers below the jawline will suit. What won’t work is anything with too much volume at the sides, so bobs aren’t your perfect style.

Celeb round: Kate Winslet


Your face forms an almond with most of the width at the cheekbones. Luckily for you this is the most versatile face shape of all and loads of styles will suit you. Feel free to experiment with whatever looks you like.

Celeb oval: Julia Roberts


You have a narrow chin with your forehead and cheeks wider than your jawline. Side partings, swept-across fringes and flicked-out styles look great on you. Go long or short but avoid heavy fringes.

Celeb heart: Maggie Gyllenhaal


Your face is as wide as it is long with the greatest width across the cheekbones. Side partings and lots of texture look good on you. Avoid styles that end at the chin or geometric cuts – they will make your face look even boxier than it is already.

Celeb square: Sandra Bullock

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