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Your ‘do for the big day

If you want perfect wedding hair, start planning early.

once you’re engaged, there are so many things to plan that it’s easy to put beauty low on your list of priorities. But if you want a happy wedding hairday, start thinking about it early – especially if you’re dreaming of something different.

Growing your hair can take a year and both colour and condition will need planning. Ideally, six months before your wedding you’ll have decided on your hair colour and you won’t change your mind. It will take that long to perfect it, particularly if you are lightening dark hair, which can punish your hair’s condition a bit. Keep an eye on how quickly colour tends to fade and how fast regrowth shows, so you can time your final pre-wedding colour exactly right.

The darker your hair, the more important it is that it’s shiny – dull, matte hair looks awful. Heated hair appliances and exposure to sun and sea hurt the hair and, once it’s damaged, it can’t be repaired. So it’s vital to invest in products that nourish and protect.

Show your stylist sketches and fabric swatches from your gown and describe your venue so that together you can decide on a look that suits you and your wedding style. And try at least three different options – your favourite style might not suit. Try to wear your chosen style for several hours to see if it’s comfortable and long-lasting.

If you’re getting married in some far-flung location and won’t have a stylist with you, book a couple of “how to” sessions and learn how to do your hair perfectly.

Wedding hair trends oodern brides take their inspiration from the red carpet. The look is softer and more flattering than yesterday’s structured up-dos and often involves loose curls or almost Grecian-style waves. Look to red carpet shots of stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, J-Lo, Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes for inspiration.

Fresh flowers as a hair accessory have fallen out of favour because they tend to wilt and bruise from the head’s heat. Hair jewellery is a great alternative. It might be a tangle of diamantés if you’re going for a vintage look, shells for a beach wedding, or even an antique brooch that once belonged to your grandma.

When choosing your wedding style, consider three things:

1. Your personality. If you’re a theatrical type who likes playing with your appearance, then you can pull off something dramatic like a big French roll. But if your look is usually natural or pared down, then keep your hair soft. Have it blow-dried normally but maybe with more volume or soft curls.

2. The venue. For an indoor city wedding, a formal style is fine. But a ceremony in an outdoor setting demands more casual hair.

3. Your gown. If your wedding dress is intricate, then it’s best not to make too much of a statement with your hair.

Wedding hair planner

You’re engaged: Begin thinking about your wedding hair, especially if you want to grow it.

one year to go: Start working on condition as early as you can. Start thinking about hair colour, particularly if you want it lightened.

Six months to go: Finalise your hair colour.

Two months to go: Have a trial session with your stylist.

one week until your big day: Have your final pre-wedding colour done.

A quick guide

Short hair. Don’t be tempted to wear it up or bother with fiddly hair extensions. Wear some pretty hair jewellery instead.

Shoulder-length hair. If it’s long enough for a ponytail that can tuck under and is reasonably thick, go for a classic chignon – it will never date.

Long hair. It makes sense to show off your long hair by wearing it down. If you’re wearing a strapless dress, it’s flattering to have some hair around your face and shoulders.

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