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Wedding makeup guide

It's every woman's dream to be beautiful bride. Here, we explain how to time your pre-wedding beauty treatments. Plus, we've some at-home treats to give you a final boost before you walk down the aisle.

Three months out

Have a makeup and hair consultation to decide on colours, hair accessories, and whether to wear a veil or not. You might want to take along some pictures or magazine cuttings you’ve collected to better explain what look you’re going for. once you’re all made up with hair in place, let it “sit” for a few hours.

Then take a second look – are there hairs coming loose that will need to be secured on the big day? Is your makeup running? Make notes to give to your makeup artist so it’s all perfect on the big day.

Two months out

If you’re planning any teeth whitening treatments, now is the time to have them.

Three weeks out

If you’re having acrylic or silk nails for the occasion, and aren’t used to the look and feel of falsies, have them done now. Get them backfilled and polished in your “wedding” nail colour two weeks out to be sure you’re completely happy, then backfilled and polished again a day before the wedding.

Two weeks out

Have a facial. Leaving it any later could mean you break out on D-day! This is also the perfect time to have your hair coloured so it looks bright and beautiful on your wedding day.

Four days out

Have your waxing done now – you don’t want any rashes on your wedding day. Eyelash extensions are the hottest new accessory for brides – these individual lashes are glued to your own. They look amazing and are a worthwhile investment – and while you’re there, get your brows shaped!

Spa it!

There’s something pretty amazing about your very last day as a single woman and it’s fabulous to be able to celebrate it. Treat yourself by booking into a luxury spa and enjoy some “me time”.

The Langham, Auckland, boasts the incredible Chuan Spa and Chuan Haven suites, meaning you can flit from the treatment room to the bedroom without having to traipse through thousands of corridors in your fluffy robe!

There’s the totally relaxing tri-bathing ritual – the warm jets of the snail shower pummel you from all angles and a nifty machine means once you’ve taken your wet bathing suit off, it’s zapped dry again in seconds (just in time for the honeymoon)!

Meanwhile, the sublime Chuan Harmony massage restores a sense of balance – and perspective – to stressed out brides. Chuan Spa has also just launched its fab new Going Gold facial, where small gold magnets are applied to your face. Sounds wacky, but the results are instant. For more info, visit

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