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Wear a bikini at any age

In 2010, sexy British actress Elizabeth Hurley went on the record saying she was through with bikinis. “Those days are over,” said Liz. “I’m never again going to sit eating lunch on a boat in just a skimpy bikini. I don’t feel comfortable doing that any more.'”

So when she was spotted later that summer in a skimpy leopard print bikini, we thought, good on you! While she may be more svelte than your average 45-year-old, Liz illustrates an important message about why women should don bikinis at any age.

Women take better care of themselves than men.  We are more conscious of our appearance thanks to the world of advertising, social pressure and media but a great result of this, is that we take better care of ourselves.

Bikinis are great for women of all ages as you can relax more at the beach. Bikinis are more versatile for all day wear, and you can simply throw a kaftan or sarong over the top, or even shorts and a t-shirt and it doesn’t feel as odd as when you do the same for a one piece.

Secondly, bikinis are a lot more comfortable than they used to be. They now come with all sorts of support systems in place, under wire tops , control topped bottoms and coming in a much more generous range of sizes, you no longer need to be daunted by the range of skimpy, string numbers on display., as there will be something for you.

Bikinis are also less ageing than one-piece suits. Just look at a youthful Helen Mirren flaunting her abs in a little red number Wearing a bikini is a statement which says “I have not let myself go.” And not letting yourself go, as we all know, is a full-time job. It’s not easy, but maintaining a regular level of health and exercise will keep your body bikini ready, no matter what your age.

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