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Treat yourself with DIY aromatherapy

Sizzling bacon, fresh cotton sheets, a freshly-mowed lawn – they’re scents that instantly elevate our mood and make us glad to be home. But there’s no reason why we should work to get that same cosy feeling! oaking your home smell beautiful can do wonders for your stress levels and may even have a positive effect on cognitive function – and it might just be as simple as adding a few drops of orange oil squeezed from the rind to a bowl of boiling water.

Scented candles are another good option, (just beware of glass-cased candles burning too low or they may explode).

Perhaps the most effective way to infuse a room with scent is to burn essential oils in a diffuser. Another idea is to add a drop of oil to a spray bottle of water to freshen linen or act as air freshener. Place cotton balls dipped in lavender in drawers as an alternative to mothballs.

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