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How science can make you look younger

SPONSORED CONTENT: This is the real reason our skin changes as we age.

There are some places in this world where it would really help to have a scientist by your side, and the crowded skincare aisle of the supermarket is one of them.

Anyone hunting for an anti-aging product is faced with countless options – each sparking more questions when the lengthy list of ingredients is revealed.

What do all of these ingredients do? Can these ingredients really improve my skin? What’s the difference between affordable brands and the crazy-expensive ones?

When it comes to creating products for real women, Olay starts with real women with real questions: Its laboratory research is driven by the mountains of information it collects in interviews, surveys and clinical studies of women of all ages and backgrounds.

Now, following 10 years of research involving more than 100 scientists, the brains behind Olay Regenerist have discovered the real cause of ageing: over time, the skin cell metabolism slows down, affecting the skin cells’ ability to renew themselves.

And THAT is why our skin is smooth, firm, and hydrated when we are young compared to, well, the opposite, when we age.

Following this discovery, Olay scientists designed anti-ageing actives that boost cell renewal to levels closer to younger skin, and packed them into the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream, which has been scientifically proven to out-moisturise $400 luxury creams [1] and has won over 200 awards worldwide[2].

But the list of active ingredients isn’t that scary – and they are more familiar than you might think.

Here’s exactly what those unusual words on the jar actually do to your skin:

Niacinamide: Also known as Vitamin B3, this helps skin surface cells renew faster, which helps reduces wrinkles. It helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier too.

Amino Peptides: These pro-collagen molecules help reduce wrinkles, repair and firm skin by enhancing the stratum corneum – or the outermost layer of the skin to most of us!

Olive extract: Also known as Olivem, it does come from the fruit, and is an antioxidant known to help protect skin from oxidative damage and helps other ingredients penetrate your skin faster.

Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerol: Are hydrating agents that moisturise for softer, plumper skin.

Lys’Lastine: Is a natural dill seeds extract that increases skin’s elasticity.

[1] Based on internal P&G hydration tests done in June 2012 among 55 women in US

[2] Over 200 Awards Worldwide 2006- 2014 beauty & lifestyle magazines and web sites facial skin care awards in top Olay markets

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