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Teen’s back to school beauty tips

What are your teen’s top skin concerns? According to Rebecca Freeman-Greene and Samantha Scarlett of Kiwi natural skincare brand Scarlett & Greene, it’s the obvious thing – pimples.

Spot the difference

What are your teen’s top skin concerns? According to Rebecca Freeman-Greene and Samantha Scarlett of Kiwi natural skincare brand Scarlett & Greene, it’s the obvious thing – pimples.

“Teens tend not to worry about their skincare regime until they encounter problems. And then they’re not consistent with their regime. They have to cleanse every day, morning and night – no skipping days,” they say.

The number-one skin sin for teens is going to bed without cleansing. “Especially when they’ve worn sunblock or makeup during the day, it’s a big no-no.” Rebecca and Samantha’s top tips for teenagers are:

  • Drink plenty of water****
  • Be consistent with cleansing
  • Change your skincare routine to suit you

Be mindful of the fact hormonal changes will have an impact, albeit temporarily, so you will need to find products that cater for the changes in your skin over time.

Cleansing tips

It should only take about a minute to cleanse your skin. But the trouble is most of us only spend 10 seconds on it.

Take time to work the cleanser into your skin in light circular motions from top to bottom, paying special attention to the areas where there’s congestion, such as the nose, forehead, neck and chin.

Use tepid waterand a facial cloth to remove it. If you’ve been wearing lots of makeup then repeat the whole process – yes, double cleanse!

Remember, it’s not about punishing the skin with harsh products and scrubbing away at it, as that will only cause more flare-ups.


My beauty secrets:

Joanna Hunkin (27) is TVNZ’s entertainment reporter. **

My beauty philosphy is…Fake it ‘til you make it. If I’m not feeling 100%, I make an extra effort with my hair and makeup, to give myself a lift. I’m also a big believer in cosmetic days off. I try to wear little or no makeup in the weekends to give my skin a rest (plus, I’m a bit lazy).

The skincare products I can’t live without are…The Body Shop Body Butter. Other moisturisers simply don’t compare. My personal favourite is Japanese Cherry Blossom, but they’re all delicious.

For my face, I’m all about Clinique products. I’m allergic to a lot of skincare brands (even hypoallergenic ones) but Clinique keeps my skin happy and non-blotchy, which is fairly essential.

My hair-care secret is…Redken Blonde Glam Color Enhancer Perfect Platinum. Every blonde should own it. Not only does it keep the brassiness at bay, it gives you a major moisture boost and leaves your hair silken and gorgeous.

My other secret is to invest in a quality hairdryer. Straighteners are all well and good, but nothing beats a sleek blow-wave with a round-bristle brush.

The must-have products in my makeup bag are…Clinique Line Smoothing

Concealer. It’s thick enough to cover dark shadows, but the creamy formula doesn’t cake in any creases. I also love MAC’s Blushcreme. It gives you a dewy, fresh look that powder blush simply can’t achieve.

My favourite beauty treat is…A trip to Diamond Nail Salon & Spa in Ponsonby for an authentic Hong Kong-style pedicure. I grew up in Hong Kong, where a “Shanghai trim” (in which they razor off dead skin) is normal procedure. Some people fi nd it disgusting, but I insist it’s essential for pretty feet.

My biggest beauty sin is…Oh , so many. Biting my nails, for a start. Pulling at split ends. Applying new nail polish over old, chipped polish. Or only painting my big toenail when wearing peep-toe shoes. Basically, I’m a terrible person.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was…“A good night’s sleep

makes everything look better, both literally and figuratively.” Oh, and, “Skinny women get more wrinkles, so have another slice, sweetheart.” Ha!

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