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Taming the mane

Just like skin, hair has a type, so give it some tailor-made TLC!

No matter your hair type, from fine to curly to dry or damaged to long, there are products to help keep your hair looking its best.

Fine hair

Hair type: Your locks are fine, straight and don’t hold curls well. Your roots get greasy quickly and getting any sort of height or volume from a ‘do is challenging.

Shampoo type: You’ll want a light shampoo that provides volume and body without weighing it down. One that reduces hair loss or tackles loss of density can be helpful too.

Try: Sunsilk Perfect StraightShampoo, $4.89, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Shampoo, $6.59, Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo for Fine Hair, $17.99

Dry or damaged hair

Pamela Anderson

Hair type:

Your mane is naturally coarse and dry, brittle and prone to breakage from too many dye jobs. You love to take to it with heat tools – blow-drying regularly or changing the texture

with irons or tongs.

Shampoo type: You want anything that will pile on the moisture without leaving it slick. A regular hair treatment or mask is a good idea but for day-to-day care, use a dedicated shampoo that will soften and protect.

Try:Joico K-Pak Shampoo, $33, TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo, $14.49, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo, $6.59

Colour treated hair

Hair type: You’re a colour chameleon, changing regularly but also wanting to maintain vibrancy, tone and health.

Shampoo type: Avoid washing every day, but you need a gentle cleanse while preserving colour and filling in the protective lipid layer that’s damaged by many colour treatments. One with UVA/UVB filters will help prevent fading.

Try:Dove Shampoo Hair Therapy Colour, $7.49, L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo, $6.59, Earthwise Nourish Protect Shampoo, $7.49

Curly hair

Hair type: Your crowning glory is pretty thick and there’s lots of it! It can vary from curl to corkscrew, and it tends to be on the dry side and prone to frizz. You don’t shampoo often but when you do, tangles, curl definition and moisture are your primary concerns.

Shampoo type: Choose a low sulfate, low-foam product that will gently cleanse without stripping the natural oils that define your curls. Try co-washing, which is a new trend where you use a cleansing conditioner – a product that is designed to clean gently, but focuses on conditioning to maintain softer, shinier and more manageable strands.

Try: Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair, $40, Joico Co+Wash, $34, Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal Cleansing Conditioner, $69.

Long hair

Hair type: You have long locks that are either straight or wavy – or you wish it was! Plus, dry and split ends are often your enemy. If you’re growing your hair or if

you have long locks, you’ll need help to prevent it snapping off before it reaches your desired length.

Shampoo type: You want to use a nourishing shampoo with strong moisturising properties. Also opt for a product that promotes elasticity, and will leave it looking smooth and shiny without weighing it down.

Try: Essano Keratin Complex Smoothing Shampoo, $15.99, Sunsilk Longer & Stronger Shampoo, $4.89. Garnier Oily Roots DryEnds Shampoo, $6.79.

Wavy hair

Hair type: The mid-point between straight and curly, you don’t mind occasionally relaxing into your natural wave for a beachy, tousled look, but most of the time, you like sleek and smooth.

Shampoo type: Look for something that adds a bit of moisture – just enough to define strands, prevent frizz and enhance movement.

Try: TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)done Shampoo, $14.49, John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo,$19.90, Joico Curl Cleansing Shampoo, $34

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