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Summer hair SOS

Sun and surf can be hell on hair. Try these fixes for common problems.
Summer hair SOS

Days at the beach, swimming in the sea, being all outdoorsy in the sunshine: the great Kiwi summer is tough on our hair. Now we’re back at work, frazzled and faded isn’t pretty so it’s time for some fast fixes to save summer hair.

Colour SOS

If the sun has faded your colour or there hasn’t been time to touch up your grey roots, there’s a brilliant cult Aussie product called Spilt Milk $80 that can fix the problem temporarily. A powder made from natural clays and minerals, it comes in a shake pot with a brush and in a range of shades that you can blend into your parting to cover regrowth. It also mops up excess oil. The result looks natural and it’s amazingly easy to use. The only problem is that it can be difficult to track down in New Zealand. So far it’s stocked at a very limited number of salons, but it should be more widely available very soon.

  • Booking in for a regular trim – lopping off 1cm every eight to 10 weeks should keep them under control.

  • Minimising heat styling.

  • Using only brushes with natural boar bristles.

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