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Summer foot care

It’s been easy to ignore them over the colder months, but as the boots come off and the strappy sandals come out you may discover hard skin, ragged or yellowing nails, and cuticles running amok. In that case, it’s time to rescue your feet.

Hard skin

The skin on our feet is the thickest of anywhere on our bodies and grows extra quickly in response to pressure from ill-fitting shoes, going barefoot and even from the way we walk. Hard patches tend to build up on the heel, ball of the foot and the side of the big toe. If you ignore them, they may begin to yellow and crack.

Don’t be tempted to start cutting away at hard skin like a maniac, though. There’s a risk you could quite easily remove too much and an infection could occur. If things have got that bad down there, then get yourself treated by a podiatrist. The same goes for fungal infections and verrucas.

Little and often is the best approach to hard skin. First, soak feet in warm water for 10 minutes, then rub down with pumice or a foot file. Dry off completely and finish with an intensive moisturising cream.

Be Blue

While most of us tend to play it safe when we paint our fingernails, I think it’s good to go bolder with your toes.

I’m loving some of the blue shades around this season. From pastels to turquoises, metallics and super-brights, there’s a blue for everyone.

Scary toenails

Applying dark polishes without a base coat leads to yellowing nail. We also tend to cut toenails badly and they can be damaged by our footwear. The results of all this aren’t pretty. So, always trim and file toenails into a square shape, as rounding the ends can create pressure on the nail and cause it to grow inwards.

If your nails are yellow, give them a gentle file and apply some lemon juice or lavender oil.

Never cut at cuticles. Instead, soften with a little olive oil and then push them back gently with a cuticle stick or cotton bud.

Always clean any oil or foot cream from feet before you start applying polish. Then slip on some toe separators to make it all easier. Prevent staining by using a base coat first, then apply two coats of colour and finish with a top coat to help your pedicure last longer. Clean up any errors with a remover pad or cotton bud soaked in remover.

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