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I love summer but it can wreak havoc from a beauty point of view. Hair gets dried out by the sea, the wind and sun strip the skin, mozzie and sandfly bites dot the legs and your fingernails are ragged. It's time for a few revitalising beauty treats to keep us looking great for the rest of the (hopefully) long, hot summer.

It’s time to put away your GHDs because uber-straight hair isn’t very summery.Instead, use a little leave-in conditioner to nourish hair and let it dry into natural, beachy waves.

If you have dry, frizzy hair, don’t shampoo it every single day – just wet it, and apply a little conditioner to refresh the waves.

Don’t be afraid of shine. It’s tempting to pile on the powder to keep your face looking matte, but it’s summer so why not let it go and glow?

Just use tinted moisturiser and a little bronzer, saving the full makeup for when the weather cools down. Blotting papers are one of the best ways to keep shine under control if you have an oily complexion.

Even if you do have oily skin and hair, it pays to focus on hydration at this time of year. A spritz of a decent face mist will nourish without overloading skin with grease – you can even use it on your hair to refresh a style without weighing it down.

Back acne is one of the least delightful summer beauty issues. Tackle it by steering clear of synthetic clothing and using a light spray-on sunscreen rather than heavy creams. Sweat exacerbates the problem so always shower after heavy exercise.

Use sunscreen even on overcast days – harmful UVA rays can penetrate cloud cover and damage your skin.

Some people are allergic to the sun and can develop an itchy, red rash. But sufferers of skin conditions like psoriasis often find that sun exposure and regular soaking in salty sea water can help clear up the problem.

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