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Summer beauty

For me, summer holidays mean minimal makeup and, to be honest, minimal effort. It’s all about spending time outdoors or lying around with a good book. So what I’m looking for are ways to stay looking good without really trying that hard.

Beach hair

I’ll be controlling beach hair by slicking it with oil, then tying it back. This will help condition my hair, protect it from salt water and stop it flying all over the place in the wind. And no, I won’t be taking my hairdryer on holiday. Instead, after I’ve washed my hair I’ll pull in into ponytail while it’s still damp, twist until it coils in on itself, then clip it on top of my head. I’ll let it dry, then finger-comb for a relaxed, tousled look.

For short-hair, roughly dry, then work through a little styling wax for a beachy feel.

Get dewy skin

If I apply a bit of makeup at night, I’ll set it by spraying on a little hydrating mist. This gives a dewy glow that’s perfect for summer evenings.

Soothe sunburn

If I do get sunburnt, despite my best efforts, I’ll stay out of the sun till the redness disappears, drink lots of water and soothe my skin with aloe vera gel. It won’t stop my skin peeling but it will help prevent the new layer of skin underneath from drying out.

Stay moisturised

Use a lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser that has SPF.

Tan sun-free

I hate that fake bake look so I like to build up a more natural-looking tan. When it comes to faking a sun-kissed glow on the face, it makes sense to use something specially designed for that area and take it slow.

Protect vulnerable bits

I’m not a great one for lounging around in togs but I am still vulnerable to sun damage, particularly on my face, chest and hands. Use high SPF that is designed for these vulnerable areas.

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