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Stretching your hair-care dollar further

Want great hair but don't want to spend a fortune? Here are some great tips for saving cash and extending the time between professional treatments without looking like you're having a permanent bad hair day.

Shampoo less often

Hair will reward you for not washing it every day. Colour won’t fade as fast and less heat-styling will mean your hair is in better condition. Prepare for second-day hair by keeping a few hair accessories in your handbag so if your locks start looking limp you can sweep them into a ponytail or put in a couple of clips. If your roots are on the greasy side, apply a little hairspray – the alcohol in it will absorb oil.

Be low-maintenance

Low-maintenance hair is all about getting the right cut. Crops, blunt bobs, heavy fringes and angular styles all need trimming every month or so. Go for long layers or a soft bob with a side-swept fringe and you should be able to stretch that out to at least eight or nine weeks.

Condition like mad

No matter what your budget is, shop for products that are specific to your hair type. A weekly deep conditioning treatment is a must to extend the life of your cut and colour plus cut down on frizz and split ends. If you have wavy or curly hair, don’t spend your whole time heat-straightening it. Instead, apply a leave-in conditioner when hair is very wet to help curls hold together rather than frizzing off in different directions.

Invest in the right tools

Since I got myself the perfect brush, I’ve managed a few blow-drys that were nearly as good as in the salon. Check with your stylist if you’re not sure what brush is right for your style and hair type. As a general rule, paddle brushes are for straightening long hair and round ones for creating flick and curl – the longer the hair, the bigger the barrel. The right hairdryer can make a big difference too. Choose a cuticle-smoothing ionic one for hair that dries faster and looks less frizzy.

Avoid obvious regrowth

The more you stray from your natural shade, the more time you’ll need with your colourist. opt for semi-permanent colour in a believable shade. Slow down fade with a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner, cut down on heat styling and wear a hat on bright, sunny days. Also consider a DIY hair colour between salon visits. Some of the latest products are fast, very easy to use and designed to refresh and oomph up colour rather than make a dramatic change.

Use less product

I’m as guilty as anyone of squeezing mammoth amounts of product onto my hair. The truth is most stuff is pretty concentrated. How much you need depends on the length of your hair, the softness of the water and the quality of the product, but in general a walnut-sized blob should be enough. Take time to work it through your hair well rather than piling on more. And unless your hair is filthy or full of styling product, you should only need to shampoo and rinse once.

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