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There’s a lot of fancy talk about anti-ageing skin products, but basically most of them work by doing the following things:

  • Protecting the skin from external damage – free radicals, the sun’s rays, etc.

  • Stimulating the skin’s own internal healing systems and the production of things like collagen, which tends to tail off as we get older.

  • Sloughing off dull, dead surface skin cells so skin looks fresher.

  • Hydrating the skin – this alone can dramatically decrease the rate at which we develop lines and wrinkles.

As we age, our pores start to sag and become more visible, skin can become redder, it slackens, is duller, develops pigmentation if we’ve been exposed to the sun and, of course, we get expression lines.

If you use products that do all of the above things, you’ll still age – they’re not magic, after all – but they ought to slow down the process and keep skin looking good for longer.

Better skin faster

Because we’re all in a hurry these days, people are demanding products that show results much faster and beauty companies are doing their best to deliver.

Neutrogena has been using retinol for years, but now they’ve developed a more effective version called Accelerated Retinol SA.

You’ll find it in the new Rapid Wrinkle Repair range that promises results within a week. There’s a day ooisturiser with SPF30, an Eye Cream and a Night ooisturiser. Retinol is a form of vitamin A and a proven performer when it comes to fighting wrinkles and brightening skin tone. It can be irritating to more sensitive skins, but this new range contains a glucose complex that helps minimise the problem, so you should be able to use it every day.

Better skin naturally

Do you want to use natural products and still get fast anti-ageing benefits? Trilogy promises results within one month of using its Age Proof Triple-Action Line Smoother.

The key ingredient is Hydroxyproline, an amino acid derived from plants that helps to protect from free-radical damage and stimulate collagen fibres – so you should get firmer, smoother skin. Naturally derived hyaluronic acid, avocado, evening primrose and olive oils will leave skin hydrated.

Better skin for longer

By the time you reach your seventies, skin is inevitably wrinkled and less firm. Since it’s also more fragile, you may find it reacts badly to products with active ingredients. You’ll still need to condition the skin, though. The new L’oréal Paris Age Perfect Intense Nutrition range is designed to care gently for dry, very mature skin, with ingredients like Royal Jelly and a pro-calcium complex.

There’s a Repairing Day Cream, Rich Repairing Night Cream and a Repairing Eye Balm. The Night Cream is especially rich, with six nourishing oils and four sleep-enhancing essential oils.

Skin boosters

Masks boost your skin’s condition as they’re much more intensive than everyday products. You do have to find a spare 15 minutes to lie down while they take effect though, which can be a challenge!

Olay suggests using a Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Treatment oask for several days in a row

to get maximum benefit.

The stretchable cloth masks are infused with concentrated anti-ageing serum, so should leave skin firmer and plumper. I prefer these one-time use cloth masks to cream and clay alternatives as they’re less messy and you can pat in any residue rather than having to wash it all off.

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