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Scent of Summer

Gardeners are such easy people to buy gifts for. Even those with a shed full of tools will love some of these dinky gizmos and oldfashioned gadgets. There are so many other things I haven't mentioned - tool buckets, weed bags, pots, plants - the list is endless. The thing I like most about the presents pictured here is that most of them can be ordered online, which means you can spend less time shopping and more time celebrating the new year!

Four reasons why you need a new fragrance

  • After a while of regular use, you stop smelling a scent on yourself.

  • Your old favourite may not smell exactly the way you remember – often fragrances are reformulated because the ingredients in them are no longer approved. oak moss, for instance, was a common ingredient in chypre perfumes but its use has now been restricted as it’s considered an allergen.

  • Summer days call for lighter citrus and flower-based scents. Save the heavier orientals for the colder months.

  • You may want to change your fragrance according to your mood, what you’re wearing or where you happen to be going.

The best testing technique

First, spray the fragrance onto a strip of card to make sure you like it. Then put a little on your arm and wear it for a while. Every person’s body chemistry is different and it will mix with the perfume. A good fragrance should be well balanced.

When you first smell it you’ll get the top notes, then move to the middle and the base. But it should have almost the same smell all the way. You don’t want to finish with a musky or woody

smell on your skin.

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