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Salon Q & A: spots and blackheads

A visit to the beauty salon is a regular occurrence for some, a luxury treat for others. Here we have some expert tips on how to get the most out of your visit and make the treatments last.

Can I ask a facialist to squeeze spots and blackheads?

IT’S certainly not a good idea to squeeze or pick spots yourself. If you’re going for a facial and specifically want extraction, ask beforehand whether the facialist will do it and what method they’ll use. oany facialists won’t do extractions, as it can make the spot or blackhead worse before it gets better.

Celebrity facialist Cherry Woods, who is based in London, says: ‘Sometimes squeezing blackheads can cause more trauma than the result justifies. It can make pores look larger, loosen the skin and result in broken capillaries.

‘However, in most cases, as long as the skin is suitably softened with steam and exfoliated first, and the therapist uses a soft rolling technique with the pads of her fingers, there is no problem.’ A good therapist would never be tempted to squeeze a spot which is deep, red and has no head to it, as this can cause inflammation and prolong the life of the spot.

Pricking and releasing a spot is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s treated with an anti-bacterial, antiinflammatory solution afterwards. Dab on a little tea tree oil, which is a good topical antiseptic.

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