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Multi-tasking makeup

Save time with the top three multi-action beauty products to buy now.
CC cream and multi action serums combine antioxidants and anti-aging benefits while streamlining your beauty regime.

Dior Skin Nude Air Serum de Teint ultra-fluid serum foundation

This lightweight formula not only provides coverage, but its mix of antioxidants, oils, vitamins and minerals works to stimulate the skin from within to create a glowing complexion. The formula is loaded with volatile oils that evaporate instantly, leaving only the essential ingredients on your skin. It even has a streamlined dropper to ensure you use the precise amount every time. $95.

MAC Lightful 2-in-1 with Radiance Booster Serum

This dual-chamber bottle holds two potent formulas: a serum and a tinted serum. The translucent gel-like serum works at night time to combat hyperpigmentation, while the tinted serum is for the day and works to continue evening your skin tone. Both formulas target dark spots and help improve tone and texture. $104.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging CC Cream

We love a good multi-tasker and this CC cream is just that. Not only will it colour-correct on contact with the skin to give you a customised base, it also offers anti-ageing benefits. On top of that it provides skin with the nourishment it needs to keep it hydrated. What more could you possibly want? $112.

Words by: Sarah Murray

Photos: Thinkstock Images, Getty Images and Supplied

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