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How to: strengthen your nails

Tips to fortify nails against chips, and the coolest quick-drying colours

Winter can be as tough on your nails as it is on skin, leaving them brittle, weak and prone to splitting. Here are five ways to strengthen them.

  1. Water is the main culprit when it comes to weakening fingernails as they absorb it and then, as they dry, contract and become dehydrated. Strong cleaning solutions can also give nails a battering. So try to protect from water and detergent as much as possible.

  2. Hand creams and cuticle oils will help keep nails healthy but avoid anything that contains alcohol as that’ll dry them out. And always push back cuticles gently – never cut them!

  3. An unhealthy diet is likely to show in your nails. Try a supplement like Blackmore’s Nails, Hair and Skin $26.70.

  4. Always use a base coat under polish and remove it with a gentle, moisturising product.

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