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How to shape your eyebrows

one of the best things you can do to achieve polished brows is visit a professional. Take in a photograph to avoid any over zealous hair removal, and avoid waxing as it removes several hairs at once – by then it’s too late to say anything!

once you’ve had your brows shaped, it’s easy to keep them tidy. one good way of ensuring you don’t over pluck is to fill in your brows with brown pencil and pluck around the line. Try to switch between both brows, rather than one at a time, for a more even result.

The eyebrow should start at the same point as the inner corner of your eye. Aim for a subtle arch. The highest point can be determined by drawing an imaginary diagonal line from your nostril, through the centre of your iris until it reaches the brow. The brow line should extend beyond the outer corner of the eye, gently tapering off. Brush brows up and out and pluck one by one, in the direction they grow.

While it’s wise to leave the hairs near the top of the brow, you can tame long ones by brushing upwards and trimming the very ends with scissors. otherwise you can very carefully tweeze stray hairs from around the top. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe the area and keep your brows in place with a brow gel.

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