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How to save post-party skin

The silly season is in full swing, which is great for your social life but not so great for your complexion. Late nights, too many Chardonnays and not enough water could leave you with puffiness, dark circles, dry flaky skin and the dreaded spots.

Here’s how to combat any post-party nasties:

First you’ll need to deal out some moisture to your dehydrated skin. A moisturising mask should to the trick – use it all over your face and leave it on for as long as possible. Remember, less is more when it comes to concealing the ravages of the night before.

Keep things light and natural by using bright, light-reflecting products to fake a healthy glow. Slapping on heavy foundation does not a good look maketh.

Use lip gloss rather than normal lipstick, as the latter tends to crack on dehydrated lips.

A sheer under-eye concealer will take the edge off the dark circles.

Finally, if you’re in a fit enough state the night before the morning after, remove your make-up and try to slather on extra moisturiser when you fall into bed – it’ll be worth the extra effort when your skin looks great when you wake up.

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