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How to fix your haircare woes at home

From dry and damaged to thin and lifeless, here’s how you can fix your hair problems at home using these nourishing ingredients from your kitchen.

How to fix your hair at home with DIY hair masks

Beautiful hair starts from within, but what we put on our locks, as we all know, has a massive effect on how they look.

Whether you’re suffering with a serious case of frazzle-itus, or your hair is looking lacklustre and lifeless, we’ve got the hair mask for you. (And you can pick all the ingredients up at the supermarket.)

For damaged hair: Yoghurt, honey & olive oil

If your hair is suffering after a long summer of sun, sea and salt exposure, it’s time to get some moisture back into those tresses.

  • Mix 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • ¼ cup yoghurt

  • All together in bowl, then apply to damp hair.

  • Allow the mixture to sit on the hair for 15-20 minutes.

  • Rinse hair and use shampoo

  • Condition and leave to dry.

Honey, yoghurt and olive oil can make a great at home mask

For split ends: Papaya hair mask

Papaya has long been heralded for its beauty uses, with pawpaw ointment known for its moisturising properties.

  • Take a ripe papaya and cut the fruit in half

  • Get rid of the skin and seeds then blend the flesh until it’s pulpy and usable

  • Add in half a cup of plain yoghurt and mix together.

  • Once mixed, apply to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes

  • Rinse and shampoo & condition as normal.

For lifeless hair: Avocado, milk & olive oil

Avocados are our favourite thing to eat, but they have a whole host of uses for the hair and skin too. This mask will rejuvenate your locks and make them feel shiny and bouncy once more.

  • Take a small ripe avocado

  • Mix with 1 tbsp olive oil

  • Add half a cup of milk

  • Blend the ingredients together until smooth

  • Apply the mixture to the hair all over

  • Cover with a plastic shower cap

  • After 15 minutes rinse with warm water and dry

Avocado has a whole host of beauty benefits

For dandruff: Lemon juice

OK, we’ve cheated here a little, as this is more of a hair rinse than a mask, but it still works wonders! If you’re suffering with dandruff and want to get rid, simple massage 2 tbsps of lemon juice into your scalp and then rinse with water. Repeat this daily until your dandruff disappears. Apparently lemon’s acidity helps balance the PH of your scalp. Nifty. N.B. Lemon juice will also lighten the colour of your hair, so be mindful when using!

For thirsty hair: Coconut oil

You could replace half your bathroom cabinet with multi-purpose coconut oil. A jar of the extra virgin stuff can be used on skin, hair, nails, teeth, in the kitchen, and pretty much everywhere else besides. Apply it on your hair whenever it’s going through a lot of stress and watch the amazing results.

  • On damp hair, apply the oil throughout the hair

  • Cover your hair in warm towel and leave for 15 minutes

  • Rinse, shampoo and condition as per normal.

Coconut oil is a great all-rounder

For a volume boost: Beer rinse

The perfect solution to flat hair (and an excuse to buy a six pack, if ever you needed one). The yeast in the beer helps plump up hair and make it look more voluminous.

  • Mix half a cup of flat beer with 1 tsp sunflower oil

  • Crack in a raw egg and mix together

  • Apply on damp hair and let that sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water

For greasy hair: Cornstarch

  • Take 1 tbsp cornstarch and pour it into an empty salt or pepper shaker.

  • Sprinkle it onto dry hair and leave for 10 minutes.

  • Use a hairbrush to brush the product out and your hair grease will be gone!

Boost your volume with a beer rinse

For brightening hair: Lemon & camomile

If you’re blonde or light brunette and want to get some natural looking highlights going for summer, try this simple treatment.

  • Make a cup of camomile tea as normal and allow to cool

  • Mix this with a few tbsp of lemon juice, and rinse through wet hair

  • Let this sit for a few minutes on the hair

  • Rinse and allow to dry

  • Et voila, shiny and blonde hair at a fraction of the price!

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