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How to fix your dried mascara

And how to stop it happening again.

All makeup products have a use-by date, but it can be really annoying when your favourite mascara starts to dry up just when you need it.

These are some clever hacks you can use to keep your mascara going longer, without it looking flaky and horrible.

Eye drops

Marie Claire’s beauty editor Lauren Valenti says she swears by a few drops of eye wash solution into the mascara tube, stir with the wand, close and shake. Et voila – clump free lashes.

Important note: Make sure you use fresh eye drops that haven’t had direct contact with the eyes, to prevent any bacteria from getting in.

Don’t pump it

Pumping the wand in and out of the mascara introduces air to the tube which will make the mascara dry out faster. It also doesn’t add more mascara to the wand, so there’s no point in doing it.

Water treatment

Beauty blogger Vanessa Gonzales swears by this nifty trick – that involves boiling a pot of water on the stovetop, turning of the head, and plunging in the (tightly screwed shut) mascara. Five minutes later, remove the mascara and the liquid will appear like new.

Reuse, recycle

When your mascara eventually gives up, wash and dry the brush and keep it as an eyebrow comp, lash divider or even eye make up remover.

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