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Honey and your skin

I love being outdoors at this time of year, but my skin tends to dry out from loads of swimming in the sea and sun exposure. This summer, using honey-based products has been my big skin saver... there's not even a hint of dryness. No wonder there's such a buzz about honey!

When it comes to skincare, the very best honey around is our own pure manuka.

It’s packed with nutrients, plus special properties that make it extra effective, and is found only in New Zealand. The thing to look out for is the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating which determines how potent it is. only honey with a UMF of 5+ qualifies as active, but look for a rating between 16 and 20 for skincare.

You can use medical-grade honey directly on a wound to prevent it becoming infected. Medihoney does an Antibacterial Wound Gel $18.90 that’s a less messy alternative and is brilliant for burns and grazes. For skincare, there’s a range of great locally made products that gives you all the benefits, without the stickiness of pure honey.

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