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Hair – how to get luscious locks

The numbers behind the quest for luscious locks.

Having a bad hair day? You’re not alone. Women all over the world are battling through the same issues and searching for products to help, according to these vital statistics. While most of the studies they come from took place in the US or Europe, we’re certain Kiwi women will find something to relate to.


**31% of women say they have very dry hair

**If the water you use to wash your hair in is high in chlorine or minerals, that will contribute to drying your locks out. So will exposure to sun, wind, pollution and central heating, heat styling, chemical treatments, age, pregnancy, menopause and illness… phew! Washing your hair daily could also be contributing to your dry locks. Try to shampoo your tresses less often. Instead, have days when you slick in a little hair oil and loosely tie your hair back. Hair will benefit from regular masking.


74% of women are affected by hair loss

**Many things can cause hair loss from stress to diet to hormonal issues. It’s essential to find the root cause – I’d recommend the help of a trichologist. Minimise hair loss by being careful with heated stylers and avoiding hair extensions.


**One in three women confesses to having some sort of hair damage. We hurt our hair in so many ways – with heat styling, over-processing, tying it back tightly and even eating badly. Heal your hair by making sure there is enough iron and protein in your diet. Try not to heat style every day and use a protective product when you do. Also, never tie hair back when it is soaking wet.


60% of women have colour-treated hair which is prone to roughness and dullness

**Colour treatments swell the cuticle of the hair, opening it up to allow the pigments to penetrate deep into the shaft. The downside is hair is left roughened and prone to dryness. Choose ammonia-free colours – they’re available both for salon and at-home treatments. Use a colour-care shampoo and conditioner with every wash and finish with a protective spray.


50% of women are trying to create more volume

**Hair tends to lose volume as we get older. Choosing the right hairstyle is important – go for something like a bob that has volume through the sides. Blow-dry with a round brush and allow the hair to cool before removing it. This will help set hair, creating more volume. Choose lightweight volumising products such as mousses or foams.

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