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Guide to: eyelashes – makeup and treatment

Want ultra-long glam lashes? Stick-on falsies are an option, but they can be tricky to apply and don't always have great staying power. So I've been exploring other options.Lash extensionsFor a night out

Want ultra-long glam lashes? Stick-on falsies are an option, but they can be tricky to apply and don’t always have great staying power. So I’ve been exploring other options.

Lash extensions

For a night out or special event, lash extensions are the best option. I went to Phoenix Cosmetics in Auckland for mine. It takes half an hour, costs between $50 and $70, depending on whether you want a natural or glamorous look, and the results are a bit addictive!

Stylists attach silk or synthetic lashes individually to your natural ones using a strong glue. They can last up to six weeks, although chances are you’ll want to go for an infill after a couple of weeks, especially if you rub at your eyes or sleep with your face in the pillow – both tend to dislodge the outer lashes.

You won’t need to bother with mascara but should be careful how you apply and remove other makeup, such

as eyeshadow. Don’t use oil-based cleansers as they can break down the glue. Use cotton buds rather than cotton wool as the fibres may get caught in the lashes.

Lash extensions are not compatible with a lot of swimming and water sports, either. The big downside to extensions is when you do shed them, your natural lashes will seem pathetically short in comparison, which is why lots of women get addicted to having them!

Brush-on falsies

Brush-on falsies sound like a genius idea but I’m not convinced. The idea is that tiny fibres thicken and lengthen the lashes.

Lash serums

Serums are designed to fortify and condition the follicles. They can reduce lash fall and help you grow longer, thicker lashes.

Boosting mascara

I’ve had some good results with lash-boosting mascaras – the effect isn’t dramatic but they’re definitely a way to make the most of what you’ve got.

Lash fact: Lashes grow for only three months before they’re shed, which limits the length they can grow to.

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