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Five tips for improving your complexion

We all know the basics – cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen are required to keep skin healthy and slow down the ageing process. But if you want your skin to look the best it possibly can, you’ll need to do a little more than that. Here are five ways to improve it right now.


Professional facials may seem like an indulgence, but Kay Roby, head trainer for Osmosis Skincare New Zealand, says you can boost your regular regime results by up to 20% by getting intensive salon treatments.

“Look for treatments that avoid weakening and inflaming the skin,” Kay advises. “What you should see after a good facial is an improvement in the condition of your skin with cumulative results each time you have another treatment.” Kay reckons the Osmosis Medi-Infusion Facial is the most decadent and active one you can get.

Liposomal growth factors and vital nutrients are infused into your skin by combining the use of warm towels with facial massage.


If you’ve been using the same products for a long time you could be missing out on scientific breakthroughs and exciting new formulas. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get results.


**The hottest new thing on the market, BB creams (meaning blemish balms or bases) are perfect for people who don’t have time to layer on loads of products each morning. They’re sort of like tinted moisturisers with skincare benefits including brightening tone, minimising imperfections, protecting from sun damage and hydrating.


Sometimes active ingredients cancel each other out and other times they double up and cause irritation. The biggest culprits are retinol, glycolic acid (aka AHAs), vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide, so avoid layering products containing these, or at least try to use them at different times of the day.


Ensure you don’t touch your face constantly, don’t overexfoliate and don’t forget your neck and chest, because they need the same level of hydration and protection as your face, especially in summer. Also, don’t skip moisturiser even if your skin is oily, don’t use harsh cleansers and don’t use products that are wrong for your skin type.


Lucia Tigri-Brown (34) is the Weekly’s fashion editor.

My beauty philosophy is… Keep it simple, or you won’t do it at all.

The skincare products I can’t live without are… TheraVine Hydravine Cleanser and Hydrating Pinotage Facial Oil. I get eczema on my face and these products are both gentle and balancing so they keep my skin calm.

My hair-care secret is… Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash Shampoo and Rinse – they’re a luxury I can no longer live without. I colour my hair, so it can tend to dry out and get frizzy. By using a great shampoo and conditioner I can keep it looking smooth and shiny.

The must-have products in my makeup bag are… Jane Iredale Amazing Base Mineral Makeup. Its coverage is amazing and it gives the skin an airbrushed finish. Also, Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturising Bronzing Powder, to give the face a fresh natural lift and Maybelline NY Mascara to define the eyes. These three items are the basics I can’t go without.

My favourite beauty treat is… Getting a facial once a month. Not only is this great for my skin, it’s good for the mind, body and soul. Getting to lie down and be pampered for an hour without any interruptions is blissful.

My biggest beauty sin is… Squeezing! I am so obsessed with squeezing every pore on my nose and

chin, when really there’s nothing to get out. I leave myself red-raw and always feel guilty when I’m done, but I still do it anyway.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was… To cleanse and moisturise. Mum started me on gentle cleansers and moisturisers from the age of 10. I had sensitive skin even back then and soaps would burn. She always said, “Your skin needs to breath, so keep it clean.”

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