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Experts weigh in on The firm’s hair choices

When it comes to their looks, the royals tend to play it safe. Some, like Princess Anne and Camilla Parker Bowles, haven't updated their style in decades. So is it time for a royal makeover? We asked two celebrity hair stylists for their verdicts.

Our judges

Top Aussie stylists Brad Ngata and Caterina diBiase were in Auckland recently to judge the L’oréal Colour Trophy Awards. Brad has styled the hair of celebs like Portia de Rossi, Miranda Kerr and Russell Crowe while Caterina is a regular behind the scenes at fashion shows. So what do they think of these royal hairdos and how would they like to make them over?

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall**

Brad:** I like the colour but hate the style. The flicks make her look older and it’s a look that’s stuck in the 1980s. Camilla needs a sleeker style that’s almost bob-like, something that makes her look more youthful and modern.

Caterina: This style is really dowdy and is screaming out for a change. The shorter layers do nothing for her and she should lose the centre parting. I would suggest a modern look with longer layers around the face. Camilla’s colour suits her though  and works well with her skin tone.

Products: our stylists suggest she uses a volumising shampoo and conditioner and a styling mousse to provide hold and shine.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex**

Brad:** I like this style. It’s age appropriate and suits her lifestyle. The other royals could learn a bit from Sophie! The colour is natural and fashionable. If I was going to suggest a change it would be shortening the length and adding a bit of shape to emphasise her lovely facial features.

Caterina: Sophie has very fine hair and, while I like this look, it’s slightly too long and the ends are in need of a good cut.  As a royal she needs a more manicured, polished look.

She has a high forehead so I think a fringe would really soften her face. A few more layers would also help achieve body. Her colour is very “now”. She has a natural base colour and highlights working throughout the style with gorgeously natural results.

Products: Sophie needs volume so a root spray would be ideal. A styling mousse and a spritz of shine spray would complete the look.

Sarah Ferguson**

Brad:** I hate the fringe! Hairstyles are about proportion and this look just isn’t in proportion. There’s too much going on in the top sections of the hair for my liking. It’s too layered and while I don’t mind the flicks, I think they need to sit lower. While she gets away with the colour I think it needs a bit more dimension. Adding balayage (natural-looking highlights) at the ends would help tone down the red. A longer fringe would add oomph.

Caterina: Her fringe is too thin and looks like a sprinkling of hair that doesn’t belong. This style needs to have more flow – it honestly looks like she’s cut it herself. She has a lot of fluff around her hairline that suggests her hair has broken and is in need of conditioning.

Also, the overall colour is too red and really emphasises her freckles. It would look more natural and polished with a few soft highlights. A real Hollywood style with big voluminous curls would look amazing on Fergie.

Products: Fergie should use an anti-frizz product as well as a thermal milk to protect her hair when heat-styling.

Princess Anne**

Brad: **This style is so ageing on her. She looks like she could wear a short cut, or I would love to see her hair down. Adding a fringe would give her face a bit more shape and soften her look. It would also make her style seem less receding. The colour is drab, a classic mouse. She’s got beautiful skin and it does nothing for her.

Caterina: She is in desperate need of a cut. To suit her lifestyle and her love of horse riding I think it’s important for her to have length that can be tied up, but can also be worn down for a more modern look. She’d also really benefit from a shiny rich colour with a few highlights to prevent it looking like a helmet.

Products: Anti-frizz products are a must for Princess Anne, as are heat protectors and products that deliver shine.

Zara Phillips**

Brad:** This look is far too old for her. There’s too much shine and the colour is brassy. The proportions of the style are all wrong. The length needs to grow out a bit and drop to her collar-bone – this will lengthen her face and drive the eye down.

At present the length and fringe are drawing attention to her worst features – her chin and nose. She needs a look that frames her face. A casually undone, modern look (think Kate Moss but less grungy) would work best for her.

Caterina: The colour needs to be toned. The fringe is too hard and brings too much attention to her nose. She looks like a little girl who’s just had her first haircut. A longer length would look beautiful and soften

her style. I think a Hollywood glamour look would be amazing. She should try a modern look with dark roots and lighter ends.

Products: Zara would benefit from styling products that offer more texture and volume.

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