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Dena Kennedy: My beauty secrets

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Actress Dena Kennedy (33) stars in Silo’s The Pride until September 1 at the Herald Theatre in Auckland.

My beauty philosophy is…  To engage with people in a light-hearted, joyful way. People perceive you as being beautiful if you connect with them and care about them.

The skincare product I can’t live without is… The Osmosis skincare range. It actually makes a difference.

My haircare secret is… To let my hair just be. I used to blow-dry, curl or straighten my hair every day, and it became damaged because of the constant styling. Hair is nice when it’s not too tortured.

The must-have products in my makeup bag are… My MAC concealer, foundation and eyeliner. Actually, all my makeup is MAC. Makeup artists tend to use it a lot and if it’s good enough for the professionals, then it’s good enough for me. I try not to wear too much makeup though. I used to plaster it on, but really there’s nothing more unattractive than a thick, visible layer of foundation. My partner tells me I’m beautiful in the morning without makeup, which encourages me to wear less. He may be lying, but I’m going with it anyway!

My favourite beauty treat is… Amarige de Givenchy. I love it. It makes me feel feminine. It’s a scent that I’ve been wearing for the last three years and it’s really become a part of me.

My biggest beauty sin is… Going out and having a good time. Every wrinkle is a really good memory, and the more I go out the more memories, and wrinkles, I have.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was… That I am beautiful because I am loved. You can buy all the beauty products in the world, but if you feel loved, then you can walk through the world with strength and purpose and will always feel beautiful.

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