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Blusher: Helpful hints

Don’t end up red in the face – with these helpful hints, make blusher work for you the right way.
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Blusher lights up your face, makes you look healthier and is a makeup essential. But it’s also something that’s easy to get wrong. Top makeup artist Nikki Lovrich shares her blusher wisdom.

**Is there still a place for blusher, as there’s such a focus on smoky eyes and bold lips right now?

**Definitely! As we age, our skin tends to lose its natural glow and that’s why blusher becomes so important. Even with strong eyes and lips, a flush of colour across the cheeks completes your makeup.

**Cream blusher… Why use it?

**Cream blush is suited to oily rather than dry skin. It creates a sheer, dewy finish so is perfect during warm humid weather when the skin is more naturally hydrated.

**Best cream blusher application tips?

**Cream blush is best used over tinted moisturiser or a liquid foundation that hasn’t been powdered. If you apply cream blush to a dry surface it will look blotchy. The best tools for application are your fingertips – simply dab a small amount of product into the apple of the cheek and gently blend out for a subtle hint of colour.

**Powder blusher… Why use it?

**Powder blush gives instant colour and contour to the cheeks, plus you can sweep it across the brow bone to brighten the eye area. Soft browns and taupe work well for contouring, while rosy pinks and peaches give the cheeks a natural flush.

**Best powder blusher application tips?

**Throw away the small synthetic brushes that come with your blusher as you’ll never get a smooth finish with one of these. Invest in a high quality natural-haired blusher brush. The perfect brush has a large round head that is soft and fluffy, as this will disperse the blusher evenly. The secret is to build up colour slowly. Use the brush with soft circular movements across the cheekbone and on to the apple of the cheek for a natural finish.

**How can you tell if a shade is right for you?

**The perfect shade should blend naturally to your skin tone, enhancing your cheeks rather than adding too much colour. Olive skins tend to suit warm bronze and peach tones while fair skin works best with light taupe and shades of rose. It’s good to experiment with different blushers, particularly as you get older and start to need more colour.

**What are the worst blusher crimes?

**The 1980s “racing stripe” style blusher in brilliant shades of orange is a look I’m still trying to forget.


Karen Murrell (38) is the creative director of Karen Murrell Lipsticks

My beauty philosophy is… Share your beauty with the world, it’s your born duty!

The skincare products I can’t live without are… I use La Mav Antioxidant Rich Nightly Repair Nectar day and night. This is the best natural facial oil on the market. I also love, love, love Art A Face Gentle Polishing Cleanser. I have used this for years. Once a week I indulge my body with Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub White Gingerlily Infusion. I relax instantly once I’ve smelt this divine scent. I use Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil on my skin after showering, as this is when our skin most readily absorbs hydration. It’s one of the only oils I know that doesn’t compete with my fragrance.

My haircare secret is… Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your shampoo each month. It will leave your hair dazzling while removing product and greasy build-up. I also have a weekly blow-wave at Morgan & Morgan who keep me looking presentable!

The must-have products in my makeup bag are… Mini products. I am not into lugging the kitchen sink around. I have a mini mirror, foundation and powder and, of course, my Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks that I also use for blusher.

My favourite beauty treat is… Having my nails done. I adore the new OPI Gelcolour.

My biggest beauty sin is… Eating sugar.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was… To invest in a good moisturiser.

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