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Beauty: Bee venom extract

New Zealand is leading the way in bee venom extract.

Using bee venom for skincare is very much in vogue, with celebrities swarming to it. But are the insects harmed and does it work?

Who loves it?

Everyone from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to be fans of products containing bee venom extract – dubbed “nature’s Botox”. They love it because it’s a natural anti-ager, with the ability to plump and firm.

It works by fooling the skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Bee venom consists of a mix of naturally occurring proteins, peptides and amino acids. It also helps reduce scars and soften wrinkles, and has an anti-inflammatory effect on blemishes. Most products are suited to all skin types, but people with an allergy to bee products and/or stings should steer clear.

Just a drop

Bees are not killed when their venom is harvested. Typically, a pane of glass is placed alongside the hive and a weak electrical current is run through it to encourage the bees to sting the glass, leaving behind a miniscule drop of venom that is later collected. Because it’s a solid surface, the bee leaves only its venom behind, and not its stinger. Several bee venom products are made here in New Zealand, that also include the healing and nourishing powers of Manuka honey.

What’s the buzz?

1 Manuka Doctor Apiclear Skin Treatment Serum $39.95

Ideal for skin prone to outbreaks of adult acne. Contains a potent, purified version of the venom.

2 Kanu Bee Venom Serum $59

A new high-strength formulation with venom from hives in the Bay of Plenty. It promises results within five days of use.


3 Abeeco Bee Venom Mask $89.95 **

One of the original products to harness the power of venom, this product doubles as either a mask or a rich moisturising cream.


4 Saviq Bee Venom Serum $69.95**

Venom from Nelson that has been treated to help minimise any allergic reaction.

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