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Beat burnout!

As Christmas draws near, you may feel as if you’re running out of steam. Try these mood-boosting beauty tips to keep you going.

  1. A slick of lip gloss is such a simple way to lift your mood – choose one with a rosy tint and a flavour you love.
  1. For those endless evenings out, a red lipstick says, “I’m here and I’m ready to party.”
  1. Fake a tan – you’ll be amazed how fab you feel in a summer dress with a bit of colour on your legs, arms and décolletage.
  1. Get some fresh air. This is a busy time of year but don’t forget to take a break. Eat your lunch in the park or go for a walk around the block – you’ll feel like a million dollars afterwards.
  1. Add a little zing to your wash routine with a body wash that contains citrus – it’s a fragrance that leaves you feeling refreshed and uplifted.
  1. Take time to prepare. If you know you have a big day ahead, take some time the night before to pamper yourself – you’ll start the day ready for action.
  1. Enjoy some chocolate. Eating chocolate releases serotonin in the brain and produces feelings of wellbeing. But beware – too much will have the opposite effect when you see the size of your waistline!
  1. Pretty up your toenails with one of summer’s hot pink or coral shades.
  1. Go crazy – maybe it’s time for a completely new hairstyle. Make sure you go to a hairdresser who knows you and your hair well.
  1. Slip away for a lunchtime pampering session with a beauty professional – a facial or massage might be just the treat you need to see you through.

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