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Be a glowing bride: Terrific tresses

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day and the best way to achieve this is to be as healthy as possible. It’s true what they say about “glowing with good health” and if you follow these simple tips, you will look radiant as you say, “I do”.

Diet plays a big part in having great-looking hair. Like the rest of your body, your hair needs certain nutrients to be healthy.

These nutrients include:

  • Zinc

  • Amino acids

  • omega-3 fatty acids

  • B vitamins

  • Lecithin

  • Iron and other minerals

The best foods for getting enough of these and other vital nutrients are:

  • Beans, including bean sprouts and lentils

  • Wholegrains such as brown rice and wholegrain bread

  • Eggs

  • Salmon

  • Raw nuts

  • Flax and pumpkin seeds

  • Berries

  • Dark green vegetables such as spinach

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