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Be a glowing bride: Fabulous figure

If your upcoming wedding inspires you to eat healthier food and exercise regularly, then that’s a good thing. But be wary of getting too carried away – starving yourself or working out frantically will do more harm than good. If in doubt, get professional advice from a nutritionist or personal trainer.

Here are some suggestions for getting in tip-top shape for your special day:

Cut down on alcohol (or better still, stop drinking completely). Alcohol can be full of calories (beer is especially fattening).

Don’t eat anything processed, sugary or fatty. Try to cook everything from scratch and add flavour with herbs and spices.  At dinnertime, fill half your plate with salad or vegetables, then a quarter of the plate with protein and the remaining quarter with carbohydrates. Eat all the salad or vegetables first before starting on the rest. If you feel full before you’re finished, don’t feel bad about leaving any of the carbs or protein on your plate.

Don’t fry foods. Try microwaving, grilling or baking. Stir-frying is okay – just don’t add too much oil.

Keep a food diary. Write down how hungry you are when you eat (on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being starving and 5 being not hungry at all) and your mood at the time. Notice if you eat when you are bored or stressed and try to get into the habit of eating only when you’re hungry.

Chew your food slowly and stop for frequent breaks. It can take about 20 minutes to feel full, by which time you may have eaten much more than you need.

Allow yourself occasional treats of foods you love. If you deprive yourself, you could end up craving them and then bingeing. Restrict yourself to small amounts and don’t indulge every day.

Try to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Make it part of your daily routine, like cleaning your teeth or having a shower. Find someone to exercise with (a bridesmaid, perhaps?). The two of you can motivate each other.

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