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Are you brushing your hair wrong?

The way you brush your hair could actually be damaging it.
hair care woes

hair care woes

Here are the top five hair care errors involving your brush, and how you can avoid them.

1.) Brushing when wet: This can damage the hair if the wrong kind of tools are used. Instead, apply leave in conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to get through the hair, working from the ends up.

2.) Never brushing your hair: While it might feel like you’re balding when you brush your hair, it’s natural for us to lose up to 120 hairs a day, to make way for new ones to grow. If you aren’t brushing then a lot of these won’t loosen out and regrowth won’t keep turning over. In addition, scalp stimulation is important for keeping those natural oils flowing, and keeping your hair healthy.

3.) Brushing curly hair when dry: Curly hair has a special set of rules that apply. Most hairdressers advise you don’t try and drag a comb through it when it’s dry, but instead

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