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All about hair oil

Hair oil is one of the hottest trends around right now. It's huge with celebs and most stylists love it because they believe it works for all hair types. But is it really a miracle product or will you end up looking like an oil slick just landed on your head?

What is it?

Most of the latest hair oils are based on argan oil, which is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree that grows in Morocco. It’s been used for centuries to treat skin and hair problems, as it’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Why is it so great?

Because it’s versatile. You can use argan oil as a wash-out deep conditioner or as a styling product to help beat frizz and smooth down hair. It creates shine, locks in moisture and softens hair, so it’s perfect for anyone with chemical damage or severe dryness after a summer in the sea. Since it’s non-oily, it won’t weigh the hair down.

As well as fortifying the hair, it’s a UV protector and effectively shields against environmental stressors. It’s also said to help promote hair growth. My favourite thing about it though is that it seems to reduce blow-drying time.**

What’s the downside?**

Pure argan oil is precious and expensive. Most argan oil-based hair treatments are blended with other oils, like sweet almond and carrot. They also include silicones which help hair look super shiny, but mean the products don’t qualify as totally natural.

While stylists swear you can use these oil-based products even if you have very fine hair, I reckon they’re better for anyone with wavy, dry, rebellious or thick hair.

You can buy 100% organic pure argan oil from health stores and some websites, and this is what you should choose if you want to use it as a skin conditioner on the face and body, rather than the blended versions.

Beat frizz

Rub a couple of drops into your hands and run through the ends of towel-dried hair, finishing at the roots when there’s only a trace of the product left. Blow-dry as normal. You can finish your style with a drop or two more of the oil. The key is not to overdo it. Start light and layer on a little more if you need it.

Create natural waves

Shampoo and condition hair and leave it wet, rather than towel-drying. Free up any tangles with a wide-toothed comb.

Scrunch a few drops of oil into your hair and then leave to air-dry, scrunching a few more times as it slowly dries, so that the waves stay in place – don’t be tempted to apply more oil though.

Tip: Smooth a few drops of oil through your hair before swimming to protect it from the harsh and drying effects of salt water or chlorine

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