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Ageing gracefully: skincare tips for maturing skin

When you reach your forties you may need to change your beauty routine. Here are some tips from an expert.

Christina Fairhurst of Revlon is one of the best-groomed women over 40 I know, so I asked her to share her tips:

  • Look after your skin. Always choose foundations that have a high SPF in them.

  • Change your “look” as you mature. We can’t wear the same style we wore in our teens – it’s ageing!

  • Use lipstick rather than gloss, as gloss can bleed into the fine lines around the mouth.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for some professional help. Beauty advisers at makeup counters are trained to give advice.

  • Stay away from glitter, especially in eyeshadows. Matte looks best on a mature eye. Keep shades neutral in browns, taupes and greys, rather than blues, greens and pinks.

  • Matte, heavy foundations can age mature skin. Choose a foundation with a dewy fi nish – it softens and illuminates the skin to give a younger, fresher look.


  • Don’t over-pluck your brows – this is ageing as it emphasises any puffiness and sagging in the eye area. If you don’t have time to muck about with brow pencil, then hold them in place with a quick slick of a brow & lash gel.

  • Don’t over-powder on top of a lot of moisturiser or a dewy foundation. Just dust a fine-textured product onto high-shine areas or use a sheer application to set your makeup.

Super skincare

Your skin tends to get drier as you mature, so you may need to switch to richer, creamier products. You’ll definitely want skincare that addresses all the issues of ageing such as lines, pigmentation and loss of firmness. Plus hormonal swings may mean problems from your teenage years come back to haunt you. Yes, we’re talking pimples. Areas such as your neck and décolletage may need extra attention.

Spot of bother

Don’t squeeze pimples. Instead, press an ice cube on the spot for a few minutes to reduce inflammation, then pop on a gentle treatment.

Middle ground

Basically, whatever skincare you use on your face you can extend down to your décolletage area. You should also apply a soft wash of foundation if you’re wearing a low-cut top. Makeup artist Rae Morris thinks mineral foundation is ideal because its less likely to transfer onto clothes. Prevent the décolletage from drying out by never spritzing perfume there. Also, generously slather on broad-spectrum sunscreen and, if you can stand it, sleep on your back!


Actress Jessica Grace Smith plays Lilith in Sione’s 2: Unfinished **Business.

My beauty philosophy is… Less is more. I love seeing the natural beauty in people when they’re not wearing makeup. Of course it’s fun to get dressed up and I enjoy a stunning smoky eye. But my favourite look is clean and fresh, like the way my skin and hair feels when I’ve been swimming in the sea.

The skincare products I can’t live without are… Clinique All About Eyes cream and moisturiser, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and, of course, sunblock.

My haircare secret is… I’m on a mission to try not to dye my hair, which is hard when you’re an actress, sometimes it’s inevitable! I only wash it once or twice a week and have started taking hair, skin and nail vitamins to keep it healthy. I also love Argania Hair Oil to keep the ends moisturised. Oh, and if you’re ever wondering about how to give yourself different hairstyles, search on YouTube – it’s amazing!

The must-have products in my makeup bag are… Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation, Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF15, Clinique ‘Peach Bronze’ Blush and a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, which I use on my eyebrows. I also love using makeup brushes – putting it on this way becomes a breeze.

My favourite beauty treat is… Getting a massage, definitely. I’ve always been really sporty, so this is the ultimate treat to loosen up tense muscles as well as to relax the mind. I love exercise, I belong to a yoga and pilates gym and I find starting off the morning with this kind of a workout really sets me up for the day.

My biggest beauty sin is… Not drinking enough water. I just seem to forget!

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was… To feed your mind and soul with good books and good friends, and to wear sunblock every day.

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