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About BB cream

Suddenly BB creams are everywhere with all the major beauty brands putting out their versions. But what are they, do you really need one and, if so, which one should you buy?
About BB cream

What does BB mean?

BB can stand for blemish balm or beauty balm depending on who you ask. That doesn’t mean it’s for pimples – it’s more of a skincare/makeup hybrid. Basically BB creams are tinted moisturisers with a range of benefits, from evening out skintone to illuminating, moisturising and fighting the signs of ageing. BB cream was designed in Germany to be used post-peel and laser surgery. The idea was a soothing wonder cream that helped with redness and hydration, plus provided a light coverage for women who couldn’t yet wear makeup on their tender skin. They took off in Asia, caught on here last year, and are now one of the hottest beauty products. They’re simple to use and good for your skin – the ultimate multitaskers.

How do I choose one?

Like other products, choose your BB cream based on your skin type. Some have more coverage than others, some have a higher SPF and others seem to offer little more than a healthy glow.

Will I need foundation?

Most BB creams can be worn alone or under makeup. The mineral ones tend to have a thicker consistency and better coverage, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing a layer of foundation on top of them.

Will I need moisturiser?

If you have very dry skin, I’d suggest using a moisturiser beneath most of the BB creams out there. I’ve found the colour can “grab” a bit otherwise. For combination or oily skins, you should be fine with the one product plus a little concealer to cover blemishes.

How do I apply it?

Your fingers will do the trick. The thicker ones tend to streak so require a bit of work for an even finish. Others need the warmth from your skin to fully develop their colour.

Is there a downside?

Shades seem to be limited. While some claim to change to suit your skintone, I think darker skinned women are going to find their choices limited.

Do I need one?

They are useful. They’re great if you’re travelling and as we head towards summer they provide the lighter coverage of a tinted moisturiser.

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