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7 tips for shinier hair

Nothing looks nicer than shiny, healthy hair but if you've been spending lots of time swimming in the sea or pool, then yours may have lost its lustre. Condition like mad is my advice, but here are some other easy tips and tricks to get hair glossier when you're glamming up for a summer outing.

1. Heat protect

Blow-drying or using straighteners helps the hair cuticle to lie flat, which gives a smoother, shinier look. Trouble is, it also dehydrates hair. The solution is to create a protective barrier by applying a heatdefence spray prior to use. I recommend spending longer blow-drying, making you less dependent on your straighteners. I’ve weaned myself off mine and my hair is definitely shinier and nowhere near as dry.

2. Shine up

There are lots of products out there that contain silicone to help boost shine. It comes from silica, derived from sand, and works by wrapping itself around the hair shaft, reducing frizz and adding shine and softness. The downside is it can build up in your hair so it’s worth using a clarifying shampoo a couple of times a month.

3. Cold blast

Giving your hair a final rinse with cold water or a blast with cold air at the end of your blow-dry can help flatten the cuticle and give hair a smoother look.

4. Go straight and dark

Curly hair never looks as shiny as straight hair because it doesn’t have the same light-reflecting qualities – although big curls will look shinier than small ringlets. Dark hair always looks much shinier than blonde – especially if the blonde has been coloured, which will have roughened the cuticle. Ashy, mousy and gray shades don’t reflect the light well either. So, for ultimate shine, be a brunette.

5. Be a boar

Choose a brush with natural boar bristles, which will really smooth your hair as you blow-dry.

6. Spray on shine

Gels and mousses can be great as styling products, but if it’s a glossy, glass-like shine you’re after, then you can’t go past a lightweight shine spray. You can mist directly onto the hair after you’ve blowdried or spray a little on your brush if you’re concerned about overdoing it.

7. Eat shiny

UK hair expert Philip Kingsley says it may take six months or so, but you actually can make your hair shinier by improving your diet. He recommends protein-packed lean meats and fish, eggs, beans, low-fat dairy, plus lots of omega-3 from salmon, avocado, flaxseed oil, almonds and Brazil nuts.

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