Game of Bros: Which warrior will win?

These hunks are brawn to be wild

Cult TV hit Game of Thrones is known for its cast of murderous macho men, but we reckon the tough, buff hunks from Maori TV’s Game of Bros would have them shaking in their boots!
In the new series, 12 modern men compete to be named the ultimate Polynesian island warrior and will be showing off their many skills – from navigating traditional waka to wooing wahine – along the way. And with a firefighter, an up-and-coming rugby star and a handful of personal trainers in the mix, the competition is bound to be tough!
But despite appearances, these wannabe warriors have a sweet side. Gym instructor Joe Iosefa McCormack, 30, once flew around the world for his high-school sweetheart, while Elia Antonio, 31, admits the final scenes of Titanic have had him in tears before. As for 22-year-old James Russel, the only thing that gets him emotional is wasted protein. He confesses, “The last time I cried was when I spilt a tub of protein powder. I really need my protein!”
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