"We were getting married...Now he's on MAFS!?" Jilted girlfriend in shock over new show lineup

Jasmine Pugh was furious to find out that Sean Thomsen, the man she’d been dating for five months, was starring on the Aussie version of the hit matchmaking reality TV show.

He's been dubbed the "Tinder playboy" and boasts about sleeping with hundreds of women, but Jasmine Pugh couldn't believe it when she discovered her recently ex-boyfriend Sean Thomsen was set to marry a complete stranger on Married At First Sight Australia.
After meeting him, along with former MAFS groom Nick Furphy, 32, in a Perth casino in October 2016, Jasmine, 24, kept in touch with Sean, 35, and by February 2017 the two were in a passionate and tumultuous relationship.
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"He was talking about us getting married and moving to Melbourne," says the single mum from Perth.
"I never suspected he wanted to apply for the show. I thought we were in love."
Their relationship turned sour after five months when Jasmine discovered Sean's secret Tinder account and decided she was done with his questionable behaviour.
"I never suspected he wanted to apply for the show. I thought we were in love," she says.
Sean initially denied he was going on the show.
"He had a lot of trust issues, and because he was doing FIFO [fly in, fly out] work, he would go through my Facebook and text messages and accuse me of cheating on him," she remembers.
Despite being on an online dating site, Sean refused to come to terms with the split, Jasmine says.
He sent her intimidating text messages, while also rubbishing rumours he was going to star on the matchmaking show.
"When he finally admitted it, it made me angry because he accused me of cheating – but he even applied for a dating show," she says, adding that their contact didn't end there.
Jasmine was shocked when she found out the man she'd been dating for five months was on the dating show.
However, the TV groom tells a different story.
"I found out my ex was cheating when I came across messages with other guys," Sean says, adding he struggled to find a girlfriend willing to commit for the right reasons.
But Jasmine has a warning for Sean's on-screen wife.
"Beware! He's only in it for the fame!" she says.