My Kitchen Rules' Piper breaks her silence on her relationship with Victor

It was dubbed by MKR producers as a "sex scandal." So what really happened after the cameras stopped rolling? Piper puts the record straight.

It was hyped across the Tasman as a My Kitchen Rules "sex scandal." The show had never seen anything like it in 10 years. So when Piper O'Neill and Victor Aeberli were outed as having an affair it caused all sorts of ructions within the group and made headlines on both sides of the ditch.
Sadly, Piper and Victor's relationship didn't last the distance. But it wasn't a break-up as such, because according to Piper, it was never going to be anything more than a fling.
"It's not that it didn't work out. We sort of kind of set that guideline from the beginning," the 35-year-old reveals. "We knew that he was in Melbourne, I was in Sydney. I live a completely different life than him. I'm a mum with two kids."
She insists there's no bad blood. "He's a single guy, no kids, living in another state. It just was what it was and I think we both just really valued that friendship and bond that we had during the show and we're still friends."
The pair were put under an immense amount of pressure on the show after it was revealed that Veronica had been telling Victor how the other contestants had critiqued his food. After steadfast denials from Piper, Victor revealed the truth in last night's episode.
"She did come over and was trying to calm me down," he told a shocked table at Lisa and John's Ultimate Instant Restaurant. "She told me exactly what happened around the table."
Piper, who split from her husband just before MKR began filming, was left blindsided after repeatedly denying to the group that she'd told Victor anything. And if that wasn't enough, Victor put the final nail in the coffin by saying "She told me Romel's critique word by word."
"Did your boyfriend just out you for the lies you've been spreading in the last ultimate Instant Restaurant?" Josh questioned.
Piper was stony faced at the table, going on to tell producers "You build your trust and then you turn around and it's like dagger in the back."
Josh's face pretty much summed up how everyone around the table was feeling when Victor finally set the record straight.
Piper's team mate Veronica Cristovao has leapt to her defence, telling the Daily Mail Australia "I know Piper's going through a hard time, the way everything's been portrayed with her and it's not very nice at all. We came in this obviously for the food, but we never thought that this would happen. It's not nice."
Victor, 29, has been upset at the way their romance has played out in the public eye, saying some "outright lies" had been circulating. He, too, was concerned about how Piper was portrayed on the show.
"I signed up for this, so I just have to suck it up," he said. "But it's not nice for her, because I'm a single man, she was in the middle of a separation and has two kids at home. There are other people to take into account here."
Responding to one media report which suggested that he and Piper are no longer on speaking terms, Victor says that isn't true, insisting that he's regularly in touch with Piper.
"She's been ill recently and I hope that she gets better," he says. "Things are good − and amicable between us."