Traitors Australia's new host, Rodger Corser shares his perspective on the new season

The Underbelly and Doctor Doctor star is now the host of The Traitors Australia

By Laura Masia
It's no secret that Rodger Corser is a great actor. Over the years, we've seen the heart-throb in all sorts of roles – hard-hitting detectives, high-flying heart surgeons, sneaky camp directors and even a cave-diving anaesthetist.
While Rodger manages to slip seamlessly into his characters, he admits his next venture, as the charismatic host of reality series The Traitors Australia, is well and truly taking him out of his comfort zone.
"I'd had other hosting offers that just weren't right, but then this came along," tells Rodger. "It had a theatrical element to it – this Cluedo murder-mystery mixed with a whodunnit."
On Doctor Doctor with Hayley McElhinney.
While he was hesitant at first, the intriguing premise was enough for him to watch three episodes of the original Dutch reality series. He was hooked.
As the host, Rodger has 22 different costume changes and although he's technically appearing as himself, he approached the role just as he would any other. "I'm not super-comfortable with having me out there as my real self," he says. "To do a reality show, I felt I'd have to play a character."
Thankfully, in the campy world of The Traitors, it was easy for Rodger to come up with a concept. "This guy is a bit of a character. Instead of just, 'Hi, I'm Rodger Corser, an actor who's now presenting,' it's implied that it's my hotel and I'm the games master. It's like an escape room on steroids."
In a show where lying is a feature, Rodger admits he's no good at it. "I'm a horrible liar," he laughs. "My wife Renae [Berry] can see through everything."
But thankfully, his intuition usually isn't wrong.
"Most people have a tell when they're lying," he says. "To look someone in the eye, tell them a bald-faced lie and hold eye contact consistently is a difficult thing. It goes against our instincts."
With wife Renae.
Having turned 50 last year, Rodger has gained a lot of perspective about where he is in life. He and Renae are parents to Budd, 13, Cilla, 11, and eight-year-old Dustin, while he also shares daughter Zipporah, 21, with Aussie pop star Christine Anu.
"It's funny because I struggled with turning 40, but now I look back and go, 'I was still young!' Everything is relative.
"Renae and I are in a great time of our lives. It's crazy-hectic because our youngest is in primary school and my oldest is 21, but it's great. Life is full.
"There are so many weekend activities, from sport to dance and training. We're right in the thick of that."
The Traitors Australia screens 8.30pm Monday to Wednesday on Three.

Ones to watch

Rodger says these are the contestants to keep an eye on…
Michael "MK" Kuzilny
The criminal defence lawyer, 59, has worked with his share of untruthful individuals. In fact, before he was an attorney, MK was a police officer for 10 years. Now he's excited to bring his skills to the mansion. "When I represent people in court, I'm powerful and fearless," he shares. "My goal is to take these traits into the game."
Claire Sawyer
Mum-of-two Claire, 52, works the checkout at a supermarket, but don't underestimate her – as an extroverted "people person", she knows how to get everyone on side and isn't afraid to become a traitor. "I'd have an absolute ball with it," she admits. "No one would suspect me to lie, manipulate and set people up."
Chloe Campbell
As a psychic medium, Chloe, 30, has an advantage in that she can see into the minds of her co-stars! But she's sure to find herself becoming a target in the mansion. "I've found it's impossible for me to fly under the radar," Chloe says. "I'm always seen and heard, even if I don't want to be. It's a double-edged sword!"
Midy Tiaga
The strategy consultant, 29, has always been a fan of games and escape rooms. Now he's putting his years of experience to the test, but he's not looking forward to lying if he's chosen as a traitor. "It wouldn't come naturally. As a faithful, I can win because I lead with authenticity and form connections with people easily."
Angus McNicol
Sales manager Angus, 38, may look laid-back, but there's another side to the married dad-of-two. When he needs to, Angus taps into his fun-loving, extroverted alter ego "Gucci Man" to get people on his side. "I'm genuine, resilient and disgustingly positive," he says. "My intuition is strong and I can get people talking."

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