The Bachelor NZ: Zac chooses Viarni

Zac Franich has chosen his final Bachelorette.

She caught his eye from the first night, stepping out of the car in a – very fitting – rose embellished gown, and from that moment on it was clear Viarni Bright and Zac Franich were smitten with each other.
Their chemistry never wavered, and after weeks of extravagant dates and romantic getaways it was the stunning 22-year-old from Tauranga who received The Bachelor’s final rose – and an impressive sparkler.
Standing before Viarni, a knockout in a form-fitting tangerine two-piece, the 28-year-old surf life-saving coach finally shared how he truly felt.
“From the first time I saw you, I just felt this little spark, and by the end of the first night you had stolen away a little piece of my heart,” said Zac.
“You are a confident, kind, caring, beautiful girl – and that’s the kind of girl I want to walk down the street with and hold her hand,” he continued, presenting her with the ring.
Struggling to contain her happiness, the brunette beauty gushed, “You and this whole thing, and the feelings that I’ve developed has exceeded everything that could’ve happened,” she said. “It’s scary, but this is it – it’s you and me.”
Zac was finally able to share his true feelings for Viarni in tonight's finale episode.
With Zac’s final life-changing choice made, it was Lily McManus who was left broken-hearted when the Bachelor had to let her go.
“I can’t quite get past thinking that right now, I don’t think I’m the right guy for you,” he said. “I talked to you about not wanting to cage a butterfly and you’re absolutely right, I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, and I guess I just feel that you’ve still got some spreading of your wings to do.”
Though she appeared composed, the loveable Aussie larrikin, whose connection with Zac developed more slowly over the series, was noticeably subdued.
“I completely understand,” she told Zac, “I’ve had the most amazing time and you are the most amazing person.”
Now that the whirlwind of the show is over, Zac and Viarni say they're looking forward to a "normal" relationship and being able to be together in public.
"It's horrible not letting the people you care about the most know that you have found someone you really care about, and that you're with them. It's been really difficult," Viarni revealed.
Since the show ended, Zac says they've been "taking it slow" and enjoying each other's company, and both are looking forward to seeing where their future will take them.
Zac is smitten!

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