The eight Kiwi finalists for a Bravo TV role

An exciting opportunity!

Bravo New Zealand has announced eight finalists in its search for a Kiwi to become its first-ever local host.

These finalists come from hundreds of entries received after Bravo embarked on a nationwide hunt for the exciting TV role. These lucky eight will now be interviewed by a panel of judges, including Woman’s Day Editor-in-Chief Sido Kitchin, and the Bravo Team.

The successful applicant will feature on Bravo’s linear channel and across the brand’s social and digital platforms, and provide local coverage of the hottest events around the country as well regular updates on Bravo’s new and most-loved programming. The lucky winner will be announced at a glamorous event in Auckland in mid-November.

The eight finalists are:

Sarah Arnold-Hall

Sarah Arnold-Hall originally hails from Nelson and never misses an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She thinks she would be the ultimate local host because she is “vivacious, bubbly and can think quickly on the spot. I’m a huge fan of Bravo – I believe I’m a female Andy Cohen!”

Casey Radley

Casey Radley hails from the North Shore and would love to sit down to dinner with the Real Housewives of New York so she could get the inside scoop on the ladies love lives. Casey prides herself on her ability to “have a laugh and not take myself too seriously” and thinks her spirit animal would be a Lion. “Confident, strong and happy to lead any situation, I’m a little bit feisty protective, loyal, intuitive and playful.”

Rebekah Palmer

Rebekah Palmer is originally from Rotorua and dreams if she won lotto would celebrate in style by taking her friends to a private villa on the Amalfi Coast. A big fan of social media and blogging on her food blog Peanut Butter Lane, Rebekah believes she would be a great local host as she “loves meeting new people, am enthusiastic, outgoing and cool under pressure.”

Kimberley Harris

Kimberley never misses an episode of Barely Famous on Bravo and works as the Friday drive newsreader on The Rock FM. She loves “being thrown into new environments and I care about people’s worlds. I’m a huge Yes person and it’s lead me to the most amazing opportunities.” If she could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be with Graham Norton, “not only for the company but to try his delicious rose wine!”

Holly Lindsey

Holly Lindsey hails from Auckland and if she won lotto would move to Paris (packing a loaf of Vogels) to soak up the Parisian lifestyle. She thinks her spirit animal is the Panther “Passionately protective, artistically inclined and eager to discover their desires, dreams and passions” Holly thinks she would be a great local host because she is “approachable, relatable, creative and confident”

Georgia Bergerson

Georgia Bergerson hails from Palmerston North and would love to have dinner with Channing Tatum ”he can dance, act and not to mention how much of a spunk he is’. After spending years in the dance world her favourite Bravo show is Dance Moms and her spirit animal is a Tiger. Georgina thinks after competing on Survivor NZ being the Bravo Local Host would be “a great opportunity as I am up for the next challenge. This is my opportunity to let my talent shine and put everything into this role”

Cassidy Morris

Cassidy Morris hails from the Hibiscus Coast and would love to have dinner with Barrack Obama. A big fan of Million Dollar Listing and real estate in general Cassidy would love to get on the property ladder if she won Lotto. She thinks that the Bravo Local Host needs to be “articulate, sociable, conversational, relatable, outgoing, confident, but most importantly be able to have fun. These are all natural attributes I know I possess!”

Kerryn Amyes

Kerryn Amyes hails from Wellington and loves to watch Hollywood Medium on Bravo. She would love to have dinner with Oprah and be “inspired by her incredibly positive outlook on life.” Kerryn also loves to travel and showcases her adventures via her blog ‘Kerryn Ames on Tour’. She believes she would be the perfect candidate to be the local host with her “enthusiastic nature, passion to succeed and a love for all things trending.”

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