Watch the trailer for the final season of The Crown

Back to rule the screen once more, we have all the information on this royal retelling.

The time has finally come. The much-loved Netflix series The Crown is back to grace your screens on November 16th for a final season… and its not one to miss!
The show has absolutely taken the world by storm since its beginning in 2016. It has racked up an impressive number of awards and nominations, some of which include 10 Golden Globe Nominations with 4 wins, 69 Emmy Nominations with 21 wins, and many more.
Split into two parts, the final season of the show is set to wrap up all of the loose ends leading up to today.
For everything you need to know about The Crown, read on.

Where we left off

Inspired by real events, The Crown is a dramatic retelling of the British royal family and the events that influenced Queen Elizabeth II's reign.
To refresh your memory, some of the events we watched in Season 5 included Diana's Panorama interview and the end of her relationship with Charles, Tony Blair's comfortable British election win, Queen Elizabeth's visit to Russia and Prince Philip's DNA being used to identify remains of the Romanov family.

What can we expect in Season 6?

In Season 6, watch the relationship grow between Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, until their fatal car crash changes everything. Prince William grieves for his mother in the eye of the public, and the Queen evaluates the future of the monarchy, addressing new romances between Charles and Camilla, and William and Kate.
Part 1 will only contain the first 4 episodes of this season. The last 6 episodes will be released in Season 6 - Part 2 and will be available from December 14th.

Where will I be able to watch The Crown in New Zealand?

Stream Season 6 – Part 1 along with the past 5 Seasons on Netflix with a monthly subscription. Subscribe here.
In addition, the Official Podcast is due to return on November 16th. Listen and subscribe here.