The Block NZ’s Martin Laidlaw returns

After a tussle over his work visa, The Block builder is back!
Martin Laidlaw

When news broke that The Block NZ: Villa Wars‘ cheeky builder Martin Laidlaw might get booted out of New Zealand, the Scotsman’s staunchest fans launched an online petition to keep him in the country.

And their pleas were heard! Thanks to the help of Metro Glass, the TV3 show’s lovable tradie Marty – who was facing deportation due to an expired work visa – has been granted an extra year’s stay.

After hearing of Marty’s plight, a representative at the Auckland based glassing and glazing company reached out to the troubled tradie. With extensive knowledge of work visas, Metro Glass was able to assist Marty correctly file his paperwork at the immigration office.

The good folk also offered to go a step further and sponsor Marty, should immigration have declined him again.

As a critical member of Jamie and Hayden’s renovation team at house number one, rugby nut Hayden couldn’t be happier to have his right-hand man back on board.

“Having Marty back makes the impossible seem plausible. Marty is as much a part of team orange as Jamie or I, and to end the block without him would be like playing the world cup final without Richie McCaw,” says Hayden.

“We love Marty and all the QBS boys like family, and we couldn’t have wished for a better outcome for him. Jamie and I are relieved that both Marty and his partner are able to move forward with their plans in New Zealand.”

So dry your eyes, Blockaholics, because Marty is here to stay.

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